How do you attract and keep the most suitable people in your startup?


In the companies where I was involved as a co-founder we have worked with many sorts of people and there are a few lessons I have learned regarding recruitment and culture fit. And I want to share these lessons here and how we put them into practice at Mobiversal.

1. Attitude and intelligence over skills

We value a good attitude over experience or skills. You can train smart people to do tasks, but it’s nearly impossible to instill the right attitudes and values in them if they don’t already possess them.

According to a LeadershipIQ study, only 11% of the …

What books do we recommend for project managers or software managers? Small reviews of some of the books I recently read

Last weeks I have been reading some books for the purpose of knowing what to recommend to our team leaders. I bought several pieces from classical to new ones.

I want to say a few words about each of them and what I have learned from them. And to share this with you.

1) The first book is a classical: “The Mythical Man-Month” by Brooks

Wrote initially in 1975, Brooks wrote a second updated edition in 1995. It’s a classical book, must read for any person involved in software management. It was a good book, even though I couldn’t say …

Small guide on how to start learning Android development

Here at Mobiversal we encourage people to come over and start a developer career even though they are juniors in the beginning.

Today I will start with an Android developer’s guide. I have made a little research and based also on internal experience in our company, I’ve drawn some conclusions on the steps an Android beginner developer should follow in order to become more experienced.

First of all it’s a big plus if you know OOP (object oriented programming). It is very helpful in the learning process. So if you don’t know OOP you should start learning this in the …

Personal review Samsung Galaxy S2

I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S 2 for about two months now, so somehow I think I can have a proper opinion about this phone. First of all, I want to mention that I am in most of the cases a tipical business user of a smartphone. Second, I have never used an iPhone before, only Android and old Windows Mobile and Symbian based phones.

Before having this gadget, I used for almost 18 months a HTC Desire. So I can make a comparison between the two UI, festures, etc…

I read a lot about what Android phone to buy …

Mobile apps are not that expensive as you heard

Many people and companies talk about mobile apps and how affordable they are for them or not.

I would like to state some facts and opinions in order to encourage you to embrace this domain.

First of all, here at Mobiversal, being a relatively small team, the connection with you (the customer) is very close. So that means we can fit with any ideas you might have. If you have a small company or represent a small project but you really don’t want to miss the opportunities mobile domain lies to you, please feel free to ask us for an …