Top 35 Productivity Apps of 2016 to Help You Become Super- Efficient


Apps are powerful than ever. Over the years we discovered plenty of apps that you can use to improve your overall productivity. Some of the apps are incredibly plain and simple, while others are more robust and offer more features than you can shake a stick at.

And everyone has the one they prefer.

Today, we’re starting with 35 top productivity apps for iPhone and Android:

  1. OmniFocus: This app is, while pricey, considered to be one of the most robust and full-featured productivity apps on the market. For more info please follow the link.
  2. Things: Another robust choice, this
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The Impact of Mobile Technology In Our Daily Life

Untitled-1We are living in the era of gadgets and smartphones, and communication has never been so easy; with social media we’re always connected to our friends and millions of other people, no matter where we are. All we need is a smartphone with internet connection.

Besides communication, we have available a vast variety of apps that can make our daily life a lot easier. With only our mobile devices we can read books, listen music, take pictures, watch videos, play games, create and edit documents, and much more.

But this technology also has a downside, a recent study from the … Read More

A Complete Guide to Wearable Technology

For some of us Wearable Technology represents the story of our life – we can’t live without it.  From devices and apps that help you track heart rate and food consumption details to gadgets that monitor your mood and even surrounding air, the “quantified self” is a reality for the everyday person. Now you can learn about your own health with your own self-tracking devices and go a step further by using the devices to measure the success of self-improvement attempts.

Wearable devices such as activity trackers are a good example of the Internet of Things, since they are part … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Voice Assistants

The human voice is a powerful mechanism for controlling the world around us. And, more importantly, speaking is a behavior that doesn’t require a user manual.

A Voice assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual. These tasks or services are based on user input, location awareness, and the ability to access information from a variety of online sources (such as weather or traffic conditions, news, stock prices, user schedules, retail prices, etc.).

Siri, Cortana, and OK Google are all hot names in tech right now. Digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence are the … Read More

Messaging Applications are Becoming the Second Home Screen


Whether we have an important appointment, celebrating birthdays, or discovering the best food — we all want to share these moments with friends and family the instant they happen. Most of the time, this means picking up our phones and sending a message.

With the rise of messaging apps, the way many of us use social media to share and interact is fundamentally changing. We are no longer part of the old generation of technology. As we progress through 2016, and beyond we’ll start to notice most social activity is no longer going to happen in public. This represents a … Read More

9 Mobile Trends You Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016

Nowadays as consumers we are interested in new technologies, popular applications and trends. We ask questions, we want to know, we want to possess. The 2016 edition of the “Internet Trends Report” from venture firm KPCB is out with fresh and new information and for those of you interested in what they unveiled on Mobile, I’ve picked below the most interesting information.

The smartphone market has a lot of room to grow, smartphones represent only 35% of a 5.6 billion mobile users. This quarter was the smartphone industry’s slowest growth rate of all time. Smartphone growth is slowing due to … Read More