10 Examples of Awesome Landing Pages for Mobile Apps

You’ve got a brilliant idea for an app and you’ve been working day and night to make available an MVP, but there’s one more thing you need before launch, an awesome landing page for your app. Landing pages go from one screen pages to full-blown websites, but since everything is built with a purpose, I’ll list below 3 things a landing page should do and then look at some examples:

:- make users easily understand the problem the app is trying to solve and the solution
:- show users how the app actually works before even installing it on their … Read More

How Can Retailers Increase Sales With Mobile Moms

In the United States, 22 percent of digital commerce revenue is coming from mobile and since school is approaching I thought it would be helpful to look at how moms are using their smartphones for back-to-school shopping activities. The numbers are coming from engagement & insights platform PunchTab, who spoke with over 500 moms and found out that 60% of them will use their smartphone, mainly to look for coupons. The second most important activity is price comparison between different stores.

how will you usehow will you use in stores

Few weeks ago we saw that coupons are one of the most important reason why mobile shoppers would Read More

The mHealth App Development Market By The Numbers

The mHealth app market grew significantly in the last two years, reaching more than 100,000 apps (Q1 2014) on iOS and Android platforms. According to a study by research2guidance, the market generated USD 2.4bn in 2013 and is projected to reach USD 26bn by the end of 2017, fitness apps counting for almost a third of all apps.

app categories

The major source of money for mHealth app developers is services (69%), which typically involve backend structures of servers and/or teams of medical staff which monitor and consult with doctors, patients and general healthcare-interested individuals. Service revenue plans are usually subscription-based, … Read More

Women Are More Valuable Than Men For Game Developers

The average US consumer spends 2 hrs and 19 minutes per day using apps and a third of this time is spent in games. According to App Annie’s numbers, over 80% of the revenues from app stores are being made through games however we also found out from Vision Mobile that 57% of game developers intending to generate revenue make less than $500 per app per month.

games time spent

But which are the factors that are influencing the amount of money developers are making? It seems that user’s gender is one of the factors, according to a recent study did by FlurryRead More

Enterprise Apps Are The Next Gold Mines For App Developers

Even though we’re just in the early stages of mobile adoption in the enterprise, we see a growing number of businesses, governmental and non-profit organisations, using apps to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. But what does this mean for mobile app developers?

According to the findings from the “Developer Economics” report by Vision Mobile, developers who target enterprises (16%) are twice as likely to be earning over $5k per app per month and nearly 3 times as likely to earn over $25k.

revenue by audience

While Apple is claiming adoption by 98% of the Fortune 500 companies, the numbers show that … Read More

Will Coupons Unlock Mobile Shopper’s Fear Of Being Tracked?

Loyalty and engagement platform PunchTab did a survey during April on 1,000 consumers to see what consumers feel about being tracked by brands in return of receiving relevant, real-time information and offers. Half of respondents weren’t very happy about being tracked using their smartphone, however 27% said they would likely allow it if they would receive certain incentives.

not likely being tracked

Shoppers have mostly privacy concerns, they feel like the store doesn’t need to know their every move. They are also afraid of being spammed with advertisements or irrelevant messages.

reasons fear

The places where shoppers were positively inclined towards tracking were Superstores, followed closely … Read More

10 Most Popular Third Party Tool Categories Among App Developers

The app development landscape is very competitive, so developers need to use third party tools that help them achieve more in less time. The cost of building everything from scratch is very high, what would happen if we’d have to build a game engine, an advertising system or an analytics solution for each app we make?

Luckily there are a lot of third party tools out there to help us optimize costs and focus on our core app idea. According to a recent study from VisionMobile there is a very strong correlation between using more tools and earning more revenue. … Read More

New Data on How Much Money App Developers Are Making

It is that there are 2.9 million mobile developers in the world, creating more than 2 million apps and this is no wonder since nowadays you can easily learn app development on websites like Udemy or TreeHouse. But how many of them are actually doing something profitable? Vision Mobile released recently the “State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014”, a research program on 10,000 app developers in over 130 countries that reveals interesting numbers on revenues, apps, preferred platforms and more.

We hear everywhere that only a tiny fraction of developers are making most of money in the app … Read More

5 Key Questions About Cross Platform Tools Answered On Massive Developer Survey

App development is a very competitive market, so companies need to pay a lot of attention to reducing costs in order to stay alive. One tactic to save time and reduce costs is to use Cross Platform Tools. According to a study by research2guidance on 2,188 CPTools users, 30% of them said they have realized 50%+ time savings thanks to their CPTools.

There are over 150 solution providers for cross-platform app development tools and these include:

Web App Toolkits: they help companies build web apps and mobile web pages.

App Factories: allow “non-developers” to develop a mobile native … Read More

7 Simple Steps To Building A Successful Launch Page

There are so many startups (over 156,000 projects just on Kickstarter) launching these days that you really can’t afford to waste any time, so while still coding on your phenomenal product, make sure you’re also building a list of potential users for your app. A landing or launch page allows you to attract and connect with early adopters who can turn into powerful brand ambassadors. You can choose from crafting a simple coming soon page or even a finished product page with full details, but whichever version you pick, make sure you pay attention to the below elements:… Read More