Mobile apps are not that expensive as you heard

Many people and companies talk about mobile apps and how affordable they are for them or not.

I would like to state some facts and opinions in order to encourage you to embrace this domain.

First of all, here at Mobiversal, being a relatively small team, the connection with you (the customer) is very close. So that means we can fit with any ideas you might have. If you have a small company or represent a small project but you really don’t want to miss the opportunities mobile domain lies to you, please feel free to ask us for an opinion. Small apps don’t have to cost many thousands of euros. Usually we accept apps which are in a budget of minimum 1,500 EURO.

So don’t believe people or magazines who discourage you to start a mobile app project because “that will cost you at least $15-20,000” – because that is not true, at least not here in our company.

One of the company’s principle is offering quality for a reasonable/correct price – we stick to this.

If you want to see more details and numbers regarding the costs of developing and options please take a look here:

In conclusion, the reason of this blog post is to encourage you to write us whether you have a small project idea or a very complex one.

Mobiversal adapts to your needs.

Written by Alin Merches
Alin is the CEO and Co-founder of Mobiversal, award winning mobile app development company working with startups and established brands like Forbes to create unique mobile experiences.

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