Two-thirds of all smartphone owners perform shopping activities on their phones

According to a report from Comscore for September, two-thirds of all smartphone owners perform shopping activities on their phones, including comparing products and prices, searching for coupons, taking product pictures or locating a retail store.

Looking at the type of products that are purchased on smartphones, the digital goods(songs, music, eBooks, ringtones, images, movies ) lead the way with 47% of smartphone buyers, followed by clothes, tickets, daily deals, electronics, food, each category with over 30% of people buying stuff on their smartphone.

Type of products purchased on smartphones

The research showed that the vast majority of people, 56% of them did the purchases while at home, 42% while out at other places (i.e., park, school, restaurant, etc.), 42% at work, 37% while traveling, and 36% while in stores.

Location when purchasing on smartphones

Written by Flavius Saracut
Flavius is the Marketing Manager and Co-founder of Mobiversal, mobile app development company working with startups and established brands like Forbes to create unique mobile experiences. Connect with him on Twitter
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