15 App Ideas for 2020

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Even though some argue that the app market is stuffed, there’s no shortage of great app ideas that can disrupt the status quo. In this article, we want to show you 15 app ideas that would change the game in the current year.

1. Real time virtual shopping supermarket

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A one-to-one virtual supermarket app that displays the real life items and their position inside a supermarket. When a clerk adds to the inventory of a specific item, the virtual shelf adds another item to it. When a customer purchases that item, the shelf gets decremented. It can also support online payments and delivery options.

2. On-demand item washing & delivery

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People can find the correct category for their item, and send a pick-up request. A delivery person picks-up the item and after the cleaning is done, he ships it back to the customer.

3. A hobby-finder app

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Based on specific questions that are answered by the user, he receives a list of hobbies and resources to kick-start his hobby and even provide forums on that hobby.

4. A distraction annihilator app

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An app that has different degrees of distraction proofing, from temporary severing the wi-fi connection to having only the Phone and Messages app available.

5. An encrypted chat app that self-destructs

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After you join a call or a chat with a user, you have a few minutes to share information, then the app uninstalls itself and deletes any trace

6. A people-oriented social media app

Daria Nepriakhina on unsplash

A social media that doesn’t focus on exploiting psychological factors to maximize attention, but supports user goals such as digital well-being. Oh, and no like or heart button.

7. One-time task finding app

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People can list small tasks or jobs that they need help with in your area and for which they’ll pay.

8. A bias app

NeONBRAND on unsplash

An app that lets you enter or choose a specific action (such as “Always saying yes even if I don’t want to”) and provides you with one or a list of biases that might cause you to think or feel that way.

9. Weather clothing app

Jarosław Kwoczała on unsplash

A weather app that provides additional advice such as what clothes to wear in order to not be cold / hot.

10. Career wikipedia

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A community driven app where people can collaborate to create knowledge on specific careers and jobs. Such as what you’ll do in a day, or what you should, and places that currently have openings for those jobs. 

11. Coaching app

Austin Distel on unsplash

An app that provides industry experts that can be booked for a specific fee for live calls and meetings.

12. Original app idea

Gavin Allanwood on unsplash

An app that checks through the Internet and app stores if your app idea is original. Then provides you with a list of existing apps that revolve around your idea.

13. Customer loyalty app

Chris Liverani on unsplash

An app that lets users track how many times they’ve used a service or gone to a location. Service providers can then jump in and have vouchers for users if certain KPIs have been met.

14. Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy generator

Scott Graham on unsplash

Based on the user’s input such as name of app, type of app, etc., viable Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy documents that can further be edited, get generated.

15. Private lessons app

ThisisEngineering RAEng on unsplash

An app that lets users find experts for private lessons on specific topics in their area, and can book on-site 1on1 coaching. This is especially useful when it comes to having a tutor for final exams, GCSEs, etc.

These app ideas only scratch the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned to discover more app development oportunities!

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