Meet Rareș our Junior Business Analyst!

Written by Cristina Radu
Published on Nov 9, 2018
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Today we want to talk with one of our youngest employees here at Mobiversal, Rareș! Rareș joined our team over six months ago and we’ve asked him a couple of questions on his time working with us in his current role as a Business Analyst. Without any further introduction, let’s go through Rareș’s personal account and hear his experience:

A: Rareș, thank you for taking the time to chat a little about you and your time here at Mobiversal!

R: The pleasure is all mine! Excited to share my story here at Mobiversal!

A: Rareș, as we all know, you have joined the Mobiversal team over six months ago and worked as a Business Analyst intern. Please tell us in your own words about your time as a BA intern here.

R: I can say that in these months while working at Mobiversal I have grown tremendously in professional terms! In the beginning, I started working on small projects that suited my level of knowledge at that moment, but important to say, difficult enough to make me exit my comfort zone. Progressively, the projects became harder, until one day when I met the father of all projects. Rareș laughs. What I am trying to say is that the project was very complex, not necessarily logic wise, but in the way that it involved all sort of small issues where you had to pay extreme attention! The fact that I managed to overcome the requirements of that project gave me the confidence that I will be able to manage all the needs on future projects that I will work on.

A: Could you give us a brief insight into your academic and professional background before joining Mobiversal?

R: I think one of the most shocking details of my educational background was that I graduated from a Social Sciences high school and after that, I got my Bachelor degree in IT. I can say that from a young age I flirted with the idea of Computer Science and I was known in my friend’s circle as the go-to guy when talking about computers. Practically, I was always involved in IT. The decision to follow a Social Sciences College was a personal one and the keen to an IT College was a natural outcome for me as I wanted to work in the field from a young age. I do not consider my Social Sciences background as an obstacle in my career, but on the contrary, an advantage! I use every day those skills with deep understanding in my position as a Technical Business Analyst.

A: Tell us how have you have heard about Mobiversal and what determined you to apply for a BA position.

R: I first came across Mobiversal since I was in College and I knew that they were a serious start-up with a clear orientation to mobile development. The fact that I ended up applying for a BA position was a tragic-funny story! Initially, I was involved in a technical interview for a developer position! I was very nervous and my performance at that specific interview did not rise up to the expectations. So, I was presented with another opportunity, that of a BA, which I think suits me like a glove! Much better than a developer! Can we say it was destiny?

A: In these months spent in the company what can you say about our organizational culture?

R: A very big component in why I love my job is the community. The environment created is great and the colleagues rise to the expectations! For me personally, these two aspects matter the most in my career development.

A: If you can share with us what are some of your plans for the future. Let’s say, where do you see yourself in five years from now and your main interests?

R: My plans for the future involve an important role inside Mobiversal! In five years I see myself in a senior position. My main areas of interest are pretty general, but definitely, they will grow as the technology will advance.  

A: Can you name a few of your passions besides work?

R: Reading, playing my guitar and sports.

A: And my last question, what would you say to a young person passionate about technology? This experience, was it worth it?

R: I would tell that young person: go for it! It truly pays off to see practically by yourself how things work in a real company that develops software, especially comparing to what a student is used to do in College, that being small projects on your own. I don’t see honestly any disadvantage in this. I consider that you only get to win. I would suggest young people get involved in as many internships as possible and to the undecided ones to try multiple positions: QA, BA, Developer, etc. The IT industry does not rely solely on developers.

A: Thank you very much Rareș for your time and honest responses!

R: Thank you for the opportunity!

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