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Jun 19, 2014 2 min. read

What Do Fitness App Fanatics Look Like?

If you’re on the health and fitness app development field, you certainly need to know more about the demographic you’re addressing. Mobile analytics company Flurry looked at...

Flavius Saracut
Jun 18, 2014 2 min. read

Mobiversal Develops Alley Cat Saga

We’re happy to announce the launch of Alley Cat Saga, the latest game we’ve developed for our client Planet of the Apps. Alley Cat Saga’s concept is inspired from a video...

Flavius Saracut
Jun 4, 2014 4 min. read

7 Essential Features For Restaurant Mobile Apps

We keep smartphones so close that we’re starting to consider them an extension of us, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are trusting their mobile devices. According...

Flavius Saracut
Jun 3, 2014 2 min. read

Apple out to grab a piece from Google’s revenue

There were a lot of announcements at WWDC 2014, from Swift, a new programming language to new kits for health or home automation apps, but one thing that caught my attention was the new...

Flavius Saracut
May 29, 2014 3 min. read

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2014

The 2014 edition of the “Internet Trends Report” from venture firm KPCB is out and for those of you interested in what they unveiled on Mobile, I’ve picked below the most...

Flavius Saracut
May 27, 2014 5 min. read

10 Things You Don’t Know About mHealth

The number of mHealth apps that are created for the two leading platforms, iOS and Android, has more than doubled in only 2.5 years to reach more than 100,000 apps (Q1 2014). The market...

Flavius Saracut
Apr 25, 2014 4 min. read

What If You’d Get Featured In The App Store?

Ever wondered what effect would have on your app if it would get featured on the App Store? Distimo tries to clear things out on this subject in their latest report. But if we talk about...

Flavius Saracut
Apr 23, 2014 2 min. read

The Portrait of the “Mobile Addict”

Mobile analytics company Flurry did an analysis to discover the profile of the “Mobile Addict”. They looked at 500,000 apps across 1.3B devices and saw that the average consumer...

Flavius Saracut
Apr 17, 2014 3 min. read

Top Features Mobile Shoppers Want in Their Apps

There are over 1,000 shopping apps for the iPhone alone, most providing a limited feature set. Some of them allow users to collect coupons, build shopping list or to keep and discover...

Flavius Saracut