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Aug 23, 2019 5 min. read

Dark Patterns – Confirmshaming

Credit: Tobias van Schneider for Unsplash Part II Welcome to part II of our journey into the world of dark patterns. Today's stop is the pattern known as Confirmshaming (or...
Rares Taut
Aug 14, 2019 9 min. read

Dark Patterns – Introduction

Credit: Tobias van Schneider for Unsplash PART I This is the first post in a series that will tackle the issue of Dark Patterns, and how they influence us as...
Rares Taut
Aug 19, 2016 2 min. read

15 Free iPhone 6, 6S, and iPhone 6 Plus Mockups

If you’re working on a new landing page for your app or you want to create a presentation, here is a free iPhone 6, 6S & 6 Plus mockups list....
Cristina Radu
Aug 17, 2016 2 min. read

20 Free Android Phone Mockups

For those of you who work on Android apps and need to design promo materials, we’ve compiled a list with Android phone mockups: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Format: Adobe Photoshop...
Cristina Radu
Jun 27, 2016 10 min. read

Messaging Applications as a Second Home Screen

Whether we have an important appointment, celebrating birthdays, or discovering the best food — we all want to share these moments with friends and family the instant they happen. Most...
Cristina Radu
May 6, 2016 4 min. read

Building Awesome Apps for Israeli Companies

Since we started Mobiversal 5 years ago, we've worked with clients from over 15 countries and we had very fruitful collaborations, especially with people from Israel. To further strengthen our...
Cristina Radu
Appointfix App Screenshot
Sep 7, 2015 1 min. read

Appointfix 2.0 Android Material Design Showcase

We're working on a major update for our own product Appointfix and this meant in the case of the Android app, a major redesign following the material design guidelines. In...
Cristina Radu
city report app
Dec 12, 2014 3 min. read

Oradea City Report Wins Best App in Romania

Oradea City Report, the app we've built for Oradea City Hall recently entered the OGP Romania contest, in the section "Best app - Promoting open data". The app has been...
Cristina Radu
Nov 10, 2014 6 min. read

How Mobile Apps Changed French Retail

Europe is a big market when it comes to online retail, this year being expected to surpass €150 billion, 81.3% of which is concentrated in the three largest markets -...
Cristina Radu