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Mobiversal Makes Moves: Recognition as Top App Developer!

If you and your business want to make a difference, Mobiversal is your partner to do so. As a full-service mobile agency that specializes in UI/UX design, mobile app development, and strategy consulting, Mobiversal has the experience and knowledge to help clients succeed. Our team is passionate about creating apps that positively impact others, and it is this focus of ours that has allowed Mobiversal to become one of the top app development companies in Romania.

Business research and review firm Clutch, located in Washington, D.C., named Mobiversal the no. 4 Top App Developer in the industry within Romania, which Read More

How technology will shape our world in the next 5 years

It’s quite impossible not to have heard about the latest tech advancements and the hype that is going around our sci-fi future. The latest discoveries in technology like virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printers might just empower our businesses to achieve what has never been done before.

Let’s look at some short insights: cars can be 3D printed and then equipped with AI enabling them to drive themselves; doctors can print living tissues to replace skin or even entire body parts. Virtual reality could enable architects to visualize a digital building even before Read More

What will 2017 bring for the mobile world

As we start the new year we prepared something for you. New Forecasts for 2017.

2017 it’s beginning to be the year of digital & mobile usage. We are going to be much more part of an internet era where more than 75% of internet use will be mobile.

The mobile usage of internet has increased quickly, from 40% in 2012 to 68% in 2016, and it is forecasted to reach 79% by 2018.

Nowadays countries like Spain, Hong Kong, and China lead mobile internet consumption.

The countries with the highest levels of mobile internet usage are dispersed across the … Read More

iOS 10 A Complete Walkthrough + A Developer’s Take On The Newest Apple Operating System Release


It’s official! Apple iOS 10 was released as Apple announced at its iPhone 7 launch event on 7 September.

iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile operating system software for iPad & iPhone, was announced at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco on 13th June 2016. Since then Apple has released a series of beta versions of iOS 10 for developers and the final public version was released on 13th September to iPhone 5 and later and the iPad mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Air and later generations.

Here are the new operating system features in iOS 10 you can enjoy the most. … Read More

A Few Things You Might Not Know About Smartphone Security

The smartphone is the future of modern communication. A survey made by ID in 2015 shows that were over 1.6 billion smartphones running Android in current use and just 505 million users of iPhone. With the inclusion of high-quality cameras it means that smartphones are being used more and more to take photos. This means that smartphones are targeted by hackers, who try to infect devices and steal sensitive data.

Nowadays the use of security software on a PC or laptop it’s a priority. But many smartphone users do not have the same sense of responsibility, even though their devices … Read More

How do you attract and keep the most suitable people in your startup?


In the companies where I was involved as a co-founder we have worked with many sorts of people and there are a few lessons I have learned regarding recruitment and culture fit. And I want to share these lessons here and how we put them into practice at Mobiversal.

1. Attitude and intelligence over skills

We value a good attitude over experience or skills. You can train smart people to do tasks, but it’s nearly impossible to instill the right attitudes and values in them if they don’t already possess them.

According to a LeadershipIQ study, only 11% of the … Read More

Super Tips That Will Make Your App Popular in the App Store


There are more than 2,500 apps being submitted to the iTunes App Store daily.  It’s not too surprising. App stores are the malls of tech world. And if Apple’s App Store is a mall, it’s a huge one: one that is the only mall for the hundreds of millions of iOS users on Earth. App Store is the only distribution platform for any app that is going to work on your phone.

So, in order for an app to make it, it needs to stand out. And Apple has a way of making sure apps can stand out: App Store Read More

Essential things you need to know about iPhone 7


This autumn, as we used to have every year, Apple will launch a new iPhone.  Most likely, we will talk at the time about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Although they are a few months before the official launch of the iPhones, most specifications have already started to get viral online. The most interesting of them embodies radical changes from what we’ve seen from Apple in the past. More powerful processor and a better camera are predictable.

iPhone 7 will be the first in the series without headphone jack


According to a new report recently published by Read More

Top 5 Remarkable Smartphones of 2016

New smartphones are constantly being announced, making it difficult to keep up with new releases.

So. Here is a top 5 mobile phones trend of 2016

  1. iPhone 6S Plus

apple-iphone-6s_7835-2-970x647-c-970x647-cThe iPhone 6S Plus is a smartphone designed by Apple Inc. The device was announced on September 9, 2015, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco by Apple Inc. The phone can be ordered in one of six colours: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Rose Gold.

Price: 750-950$

For more information: click here

  • iPhone SE


The iPhone SE is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. as part of … Read More

15 Free iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6 Plus Mockups of 2016 (PSD, Ai)

If you’re working on a new landing page for your app or you want to create a presentation, here is a free iPhone 6, 6S & 6 Plus mockups list.

  • iPhone 6

iPhone_Artisti_PSD_TemplateFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download

Coffee_iPhone_PSD_TemplateFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download

a3bdb121045253.562fab445b01bFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download

iPhone_In_Hand_Close_Up_PSD_TemplateFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download

Sideview_iPhone6_PSD_MockupFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download

  • iPhone 6S

CaptureFormat: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) – Click here to download Adobe Ilustrato (.Eps) – Click here to download

free-iphone6s-mockup1-1000x614Format: Adobe Photoshop … Read More