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A Complete Guide to Wearable Technology

For some of us Wearable Technology represents the story of our life – we can’t live without it.  From devices and apps that help you track heart rate and food consumption details to gadgets that monitor your mood and even surrounding air, the “quantified self” is a reality for the everyday person. Now you can learn about your own health with your own self-tracking devices and go a step further by using the devices to measure the success of self-improvement attempts.

Wearable devices such as activity trackers are a good example of the Internet of Things, since they are part …

Beginner’s Guide to Voice Assistants

The human voice is a powerful mechanism for controlling the world around us. And, more importantly, speaking is a behavior that doesn’t require a user manual.

A Voice assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual. These tasks or services are based on user input, location awareness, and the ability to access information from a variety of online sources (such as weather or traffic conditions, news, stock prices, user schedules, retail prices, etc.).

Siri, Cortana, and OK Google are all hot names in tech right now. Digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence are the …

Messaging Applications are Becoming the Second Home Screen


Whether we have an important appointment, celebrating birthdays, or discovering the best food — we all want to share these moments with friends and family the instant they happen. Most of the time, this means picking up our phones and sending a message.

With the rise of messaging apps, the way many of us use social media to share and interact is fundamentally changing. We are no longer part of the old generation of technology. As we progress through 2016, and beyond we’ll start to notice most social activity is no longer going to happen in public. This represents a …

How an app can help you manage your health


It is no secret that the health sector is facing numerous challenges. News headlines often draw attention to the lack of hospital bed spaces, the long waiting times, the overworked staff and the tight budgets – amongst other problems. One reason for these strains is that the world’s population is ageing. However, the ageing population is primarily the result of several medical advances and thus reason to celebrate; it does not make sense to undo the trend of reaching a ripe old age for the sake of saving the overworked healthcare system. Instead, one can significantly help the health sector …

9 Mobile Trends You Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016

Nowadays as consumers we are interested in new technologies, popular applications and trends. We ask questions, we want to know, we want to possess. The 2016 edition of the “Internet Trends Report” from venture firm KPCB is out with fresh and new information and for those of you interested in what they unveiled on Mobile, I’ve picked below the most interesting information.

The smartphone market has a lot of room to grow, smartphones represent only 35% of a 5.6 billion mobile users. This quarter was the smartphone industry’s slowest growth rate of all time. Smartphone growth is slowing due to …

How much does it cost to build an app in Eastern Europe and why you should consider it

It’s been 5 years since we’ve started our mobile app development company and in the meantime we’ve received from potential clients over 1000 requests to build apps. These requests are different one from another, some people have just an idea and need us to guide them through certain steps to refine and detail the specifics or others, very few, have specifications clearly defined. Regardless of the type, everyone’s major question is how much would it cost and how quickly can you deliver the app.

This question has been tackled by other app development agencies and I will list below the …

Mobiversal joins forces with 23MW to build awesome apps for Israeli companies

23MWSince we started Mobiversal 5 years ago, we’ve worked with clients from over 15 countries and we had very fruitful collaborations, especially with people from Israel. To further strengthen our presence in that region, Mobiversal partners with 23MW, an Israeli company, which provides consulting services for product management, user experience, product strategy and innovation.

rani bar hamaThe company is owned by Rani Bar Hama, a digital product and UX expert. Rani has an extensive amount of experience in the world of the Internet and mobile, and deep knowledge of product development and user experience design. Doing this for over 15 years, …

12 Key Takeaways from Massive STATE OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS 2016 Survey


InMobi released the STATE OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS 2016, a survey on 1000+ app developers. Here are the highlights and at the end of the article you’ll also find a link to where you can download the full report:

  • The majority of app developers are males, only 6% of our respondents describe themselves as female.
  •  46 percent of developers globally are between 25-34 years old and the average age is 33.
  • Most developers are new in the business, only 34% have been making apps for more than 4 years.
  • 80% of development firms are independent developers or companies with up

How Much Money Can Software Developers Make Out of the Internet of Things (IoT)

According to a recent report made by BusinessInsider, there will be 24 billion IoT devices installed by 2020 and around $6 trillion will be invested on IoT solutions over the next five years. Out of the $6 trillion estimated to be invested on IoT solutions, around $2.5 trillion will go to software development efforts.


The most impacted industries are as follows:

Manufacturing – 35% of manufacturers already use smart sensors, 10% plan to implement them within a year, and 8% plan to implement them within three years, according to PwC.

Oil, gas, and mining – An estimated 5.4 million …

Appointfix 2.0 Android Material Design Showcase

We’re working on a major update for our own product Appointfix and this meant in the case of the Android app, a major redesign following the material design guidelines. In order to create an amazing experience for our users, everything has been carefully thought out, down to the smallest detail: icon, typography, grids, space, color, imagery, menu etc. Check it out and please feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

Appointfix Android Material Design Example

Written by Flavius Saracut
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