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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Uber

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Short answer: roughly $120,000.

Long answer: depends on the features.

Uber is the most widely used ride hailing application across the world. 

Founded in 2009, it had over a decade worth of time to iterate over features and see which ones are worth keeping, chucking away or improving.

This article will show you how much it would cost to build it with (most of) the feature set that Uber already has.

But keep in mind that Uber iterated over time and the app was much more bare bones than it is now.

We’re going …

Why Most Apps Fail

Answer: Because at least half of the budget isn’t for marketing.

Wait what?


But I’m building this awesome product, that will surely be enough for people to be noticed by itself.

I’m gonna maybe let people know on Hackernews and product management groups about this new product that uses blockchain technology, AI and embedded systems using Apache Kafka and [insert technology buzzword of the month]!

Surely I won’t be able to handle all the thousands of users and clients.


Well, It’s been 3 months now and instead of hearing any ka-ching!, all I’m hearing are crickets. Why?

Am …

How To Grow Your App – App Store Optimization

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What you’ll find in the article (ASO tips):

  1. Title
  2. Keywords
  3. Reviews
  4. Number of downloads
  5. App logo
  6. App screenshots
  7. App videos

Today we’re going to talk a bit more about a marketing effort that is often overlooked when it comes to figuring out ways to get your app out there to the people you want to.

We highly recommend you not only read this article but also start to take action and implement the tips we provide here to ensure your app gets the best app store boost it can get.

So, you’ve finally launched your app, …

15 App Ideas for 2020

Daniel Korpai on unsplash

Even though some argue that the app market is stuffed, there’s no shortage of great app ideas that can disrupt the status quo. In this article, we want to show you 15 app ideas that would change the game in the current year.

1. Real time virtual shopping supermarket

Mehrad Vosoughi on unsplash

A one-to-one virtual supermarket app that displays the real life items and their position inside a supermarket. When a clerk adds to the inventory of a specific item, the virtual shelf adds another item to it. When a customer purchases that item, the …

How to Grow Your App. An Overlooked Perspective

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People who want to build apps are generally enamored with the feature set they thought of.

And that’s generally a good thing to be excited about, especially if they’ve done their research and their ideas are one of a kind.

But the thing is, users (i.e. your future customers) don’t want features. Well, not explicitly.

They want experiences that better their lives. 

And we believe that the best way to create experiences that better the lives of people is not to set up a feature factory, but to include marketing processes as early in the …

8 Reasons For Going Online With Your Business

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In a previous article, we expanded on some of the measures you can take to digitize your business.

We believe that businesses will inevitably make the switch to having some form of an online presence. And it’s not only us, as 78% of SME’s believed that it’s important in 2016.

Even though the advantage of going online is fairly evident with the ongoing pandemic, we still want to bring you a few reasons why transforming your offline business into an online one increases your robustness against future calamities, as this is a reality entrepreneurs need to …

Remote Work Report [2020]

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The pandemic has forced the world into a sequestered work environment.

Thankfully, some of us are able to work from home, which is miles better than not having a job at all.

One of the biggest promoters of remote work, Gitlab, released a report for March, which can be considered to be the first month of enforced remote work caused by the pandemic.

The report is based on over 3,000 respondents, who shared their insights and experience working remotely. 

Most of the respondents came from English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, …

Advertisers Pulling Out Because of COVID-19

The current ongoing pandemic is a harbinger of what’s to come. Society is probably not going to go back to what it was before, not having gone back before other major events, such as 9/11. 

It’s important to have an open mind about how the world will shift in the upcoming months and years. One aspect that caught our attention is the rising number of advertisers that start pulling out their ad efforts for, various reasons.

Advertising, especially target advertising, has been a boon on the business industry, while some believing it as the single most important factor in business …

How Health Apps Fight Against COVID-19

Health applications have been a great addition to society as we know it. Coupling the ubiquitousness of smart devices with good software makes for a better health-centric view on life as a user.

Samsung introduced its heart rate monitor with the release of the Galaxy S5 in 2014, kickstarting the mainstream adoption of health sensors on our most trusted devices.

The heart rate monitor provided accurate reads of the user’s bpm, without needing to bust out cash for a blood pressure monitor.

Of course, the sensor isn’t perfect, but it has been reliable enough to provide users with an idea …

10 Tools to Use While Working Remotely

Satisfying. Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on unsplash

Those of you who like tinkering with projects, be they on a computer or outside of it, know how frustrating it is to not have the proper tools when you need them.

What would take around 3 seconds with an electrical screwdriver takes instead 5 minutes and some future hand calluses.

The same principle applies to the current state of affairs.

As the IT industry is forced to work remotely, people need to have around the proper tool-set to conduct their day-to-day working lives.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a …