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Everything you need to know about creating, developing and launching your app

Sep 2, 2021 19 min. read

How to choose the best mobile app development company

Business mobile app development is an art and at Mobiversal, we built over 70 mobile applications. We can say that it takes more than just an idea to have real success. Based on research,...

Daniel Pop
Aug 10, 2021 25 min. read

How to write a business plan for a mobile app idea?

If you have a business idea for a new app but are unsure of how to create and write the business plan for it, then this article will be your guide. A business plan is an essential tool not...

Cristina Radu
Jul 7, 2021 11 min. read

Most used and downloaded apps in the world

There are a lot of apps out there, but not all of them will be around by the end of 2021. There’s an app for everything these days and it can be hard to know which ones you should...

Cristina Radu
Jun 23, 2021 17 min. read

Mobile App Strategy: Determine Your App’s Goals

The product strategy is the backbone of your business. The process that leads to a successful and profitable product will ultimately determine whether or not you are able to sustain your...

Cristina Radu
Jun 15, 2021 12 min. read

The Impact of Mobile Technology In Our Lives

We are living in the era of gadgets and smartphones, and communication has never been so easy; with social media, we’re always connected to our friends and millions of other people, no...

Daniel Pop
May 28, 2021 17 min. read

What is an MVP for a mobile app

In the mobile app development world, a minimum viable product (MVP) is a term that you’ll hear a lot, and you should familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible. An MVP assists in...

Cristina Radu
May 5, 2021 15 min. read

Average mobile app development cost breakdown in 2021

If there’s one question we get a lot these days, as a custom mobile app development company, it is this one: “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?”. Of course, the...

Cristina Radu