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Pizza Hut mobile app
Sep 27, 2011 3 min. read

Mobile Apps For Restaurants

In a recent study published by Google, 30% of all Google searches for restaurants are now done on the mobile phone. Restaurant owners are using mobile apps to manage their...
Flavius Saracut
Sep 26, 2011 1 min. read

Let’s Do It, Romania! 2011

Let's Do It, Romania! is the biggest social movement in the country, over 250,000 people volunteered in 24 September 2011 to clean the country side. We're glad we were among...
Flavius Saracut
app store vs play store
Sep 21, 2011 1 min. read

The Battle Between App Stores

It all started in 2007 with the iPhone launch and now we're in 2011 in the middle of a genuine war between mobile operating systems. There are now over 375,000...
Flavius Saracut
Samsung Galaxy S2 review
Sep 18, 2011 5 min. read

Personal review Samsung Galaxy S2

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S 2 for about two months now, so somehow I think I can have a proper opinion about this phone. First of all, I want...
Alin Merches
Sep 14, 2011 2 min. read

Microsoft Unifies the PC and Tablet Worlds

By this hour, the whole universe must have heard about the presentation Microsoft did for Windows 8 on a tablet built by Samsung. It's a pretty exciting announcement since this...
Flavius Saracut
Sep 13, 2011 2 min. read

What Users Expect From Mobile Websites And Apps

A recent study done by Compuware on 4,014 respondents reveals what users expect from mobile websites and mobile apps. Here are the key findings: - Mobile users' expectations for mobile...
Flavius Saracut
apps cost
Aug 31, 2011 2 min. read

Mobile App Development Costs

Many people and companies talk about mobile apps and how affordable they are for them or not. I would like to state some facts and opinions in order to encourage...
Alin Merches
Aug 25, 2011 1 min. read

Droidcon – UK’s Largest Android Conference

We'd like to let you know about a neat conference that our friends from Droidcon are putting totgether in London. Droidcon London 2011 is the UK's largest Android conference exclusively...
Flavius Saracut
Aug 24, 2011 2 min. read

How Businesses Benefit From Mobile Apps

As you may already know, here at Mobiversal we're all about mobile apps. So I'd like to point out some companies that are exploiting really well this channel. One such...
Flavius Saracut