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Jan 4, 2013 3 min. read

Mobile app for HoReCa businesses

We’re starting this new year on the right foot with the launch of an app for our client Wings management & consulting. HAPP is a mobile app that helps you find hotels, restaurants...

Flavius Saracut
Dec 11, 2012 2 min. read

MySmileBuddy, The Latest App We’ve Built

After building games, navigation apps, productivity tools or apps for the restaurant business, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finished our first health...

Flavius Saracut
Dec 5, 2012 2 min. read

Apps Are Replacing Time Spent On Web and TV

I’ve just had at look at the numbers released by Flurry for November and boy, how nice their graphs look. They measured the work of over 85,000 developers that created over 250,000...

Flavius Saracut
Dec 5, 2012 2 min. read

CallFlakes Featured In Reputable News Sites

Even though it’s been a short time since CallFlakes was launched, we’re happy to see it’s getting press love. “Are you frustrated by the number of steps you often...

Flavius Saracut
Nov 19, 2012 2 min. read

Free Custom Software Development Agreement

One important aspect in the life of every software development agency is the legal one. You need to be protected from potential lawsuits and at the same time to offer your clients the piece...

Flavius Saracut
Nov 5, 2012 5 min. read

Apps For Hotels

Mobile users aren’t just playing Angry Birds or checking the local weather, 38% have used their mobile devices to plan a trip and 60% of respondents said they have downloaded travel...

Flavius Saracut
Oct 30, 2012 4 min. read

Smartphones or Tablets For Building Your App?

According to Apple’s latest earnings call, more than one out of every three smart devices sold during the last quarter was a tablet, a total of 14 million iPads versus 26.9 million...

Flavius Saracut
Oct 15, 2012 1 min. read

Find a way, José! Passed 200,000 Downloads

We’re happy to announce an important milestone, “Find a way, José!” the app we’ve built for Artlab Interactive, has passed 200,000 downloads in 6 months since it was...

Flavius Saracut
Oct 12, 2012 4 min. read

How Mobile Apps Help Cruising Companies

As we saw in a previous article how hotels are using mobile apps to keep and add new customers, we’ll take a look now at how the cruise industry is putting mobile apps to work. Even...

Flavius Saracut