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Meet Laurențiu, our new Marketing Manager


Laurențiu Culda joined Mobiversal in February this year as a Marketing Manager for our newest product: FieldVibe. He will be responsible for growing the product marketing- wise as we rely on his previous experience as a marketer.

As we always do with our newest colleagues, here is an interview with “Lau” to get to know him better!

A: Lau, welcome to Mobiversal. You are our newest colleague. Up until now, what is your first impression of the company? Was it as you expected?

L: Hi Alex. Thanks for having me. I like it! I was asked by a friend Read More

QA Tester Internship – Oportunitate de învățare și angajare

Pasiunea noastră este să construim aplicații mobile care să îmbunătățească viața oamenilor. Fondată în 2011, Mobiversal oferă servicii complete de consultanță, design și dezvoltare de aplicații mobile, având peste 60 de clienți din mai mult de 15 țări.

Pe lângă aplicațiile dezvoltate pentru clienți, viziunea noastră e să dezvoltăm și produse proprii, primul fiind Appointfix, o aplicație care ajută micii prestatori de servicii să își țină cu ușurință evidența programărilor cu clienții și să reducă numărul celor ce uită de programare. În prezent peste 30,000 de oameni din industria de înfrumusețare/sănătate folosesc Appointfix, marea majoritate a acestora din USA.… Read More

The mentorship program in an IT company: Learn how mentoring can boost employees learning time

Is mentorship any good in an IT company? If yes, then how should it work? If not, is it a waste of time for the developer who invests time in teaching his colleague?

We want to tackle the option of mentorship in a company, and for this reason I invited David, an Android developer at Mobiversal with over one year of experience and Paul, one of our newest and youngest programming trainee.

In the last couple of months, David and Paul have been involved in a mentorship relationship. They discuss programming, obstacles, ways of writing code and much more. But Read More

Switching careers: from Frontline Coordinator in a big corporation to Android Developer at Mobiversal

This interview is a continuation of the Career Change blog post series that we started here at Mobiversal. This time we interviewed Alina Noge, one of our Android developers. The main purpose why we want to present this kind of interviews, is because we want to inspire change in the workplace. If you have thought at least one time about making a change in your career, then have a look at our talk with Alina.

A: Hi Alina! First of all, Happy New Year to you! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your career before Read More

Culture and organizations: why do we think every employee can acquire new things?

The business world is constantly filled with challenges! There are numerous confrontations between people, groups of employees and nations that feel, think and act differently. But at the same time, exactly the same people are challenged with common problems which need cooperation in order to resolve them.

Between 2001 and 2006, the English diplomat Jonathan Scheele represented the EU delegation in Romania. Listen how he summed up his Romanian experience: Romania is a country that the more you get to know it better, the less you understand it.  

If you’ve ever wondered how we managed to stay, work, and evolve Read More

A word from our CEO Alin Mercheș as we approach the end of another year



Alin Mercheș is the CEO of Mobiversal. He’s using his abundant entrepreneurial experience to bring value to people’s lives. Alin is leading the company with vision and courage, his aim is to bring value, positive change and growth. As we rapidly approach this years ending, we had a chat with Alin about the company, the team and future plans. Have a look at how it went.

A: Alin, thank you for taking the time to look back at another year that almost passed by and talk about Mobiversal, its projects, and future plans.

Al: Hey Alex, thanks for … Read More

Welcome to Mobiversal, Alexandru Ion !


Alexandru Ion has recently joined the Mobiversal team working in the design department. We’ve prepared a short interview for you guys to get to know him better! Let’s hear more from him.

A: Alexandru, tell us briefly something about yourself!

AI: Well hello there! My name is Alexandru Ion, I am a proud city member of Oradea with over ten years experience in the digital field (design & marketing). Not only this, but I also have six months experience as a full time loving husband. The professional life in the digital field is extremely dynamic, challenging and with new Read More

Meet Daniel Szasz and his successful career change

As you guys have been used to in the last couple of weeks, we get to do various interviews within our company and share it with you. Through this, we want you to have a peek into our organisational culture and also to meet the team. This time, we will approach a very interesting topic (we hope) and that is career change! More specifically, how does someone cross the road from a common job into the challenging field of technology, IT&C.  I want to thank Daniel Szasz for taking the time and talk to us about his experience in career Read More

Welcome to our team, Paul!

Hi there all Mobiversal aficionados! Today we want to introduce you our newest colleague!

Paul Tiriteu started a new journey in his career as an iOS developer here at Mobiversal headquarters and we have prepared a short interview with him.

A: A warm welcome Paul into the Mobi team!  

P: Glad to be here Alex! Thank you for having me!

A: Paul, tell us briefly something about yourself.

P: Well, first of all, my name is Paul Tiriteu. I live in Oradea and I am currently in my last year of study in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering program. Read More

Meet Rareș our Junior Business Analyst!

Today we want to talk with one of our youngest employees here at Mobiversal, Rareș! Rareș joined our team over six months ago and we’ve asked him a couple of questions on his time working with us in his current role as a Business Analyst. Without any further introduction, let’s go through Rareș’s personal account and hear his experience:

A: Rareș, thank you for taking the time to chat a little about you and your time here at Mobiversal!

R: The pleasure is all mine! Excited to share my story here at Mobiversal!

A: Rareș, as we all know, you Read More