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Dark Patterns: or how UX exploits the user | Disguised ads & Forced continuity

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Credit: Tobias van Schneider for Unsplash


Welcome to part III of our journey into the world of dark patterns. Today we’re up to a combo with Disguised ads and Forced continuity dark patterns.

Disguised ads

A ubiquitous type of dark pattern that can be found while surfing the Internet, scrolling through mobile apps or navigating on your favorite e-book reader, are disguised ads. The purpose of these ads is to blend with the website, app or any other medium of information, in order to match the form and function of  the platform in which it appears.

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Dark Patterns: or how UX exploits the user | Confirmshaming

Credit: Tobias van Schneider for Unsplash

Part II

Welcome to part II of our journey into the world of dark patterns. Today’s stop is the pattern known as Confirmshaming (or guilt-tripping).

This type of dark pattern, as the name might suggest, shames users in confirming to opt for something. The user is guilted into succumbing to the service’s desired action. This type of pattern can be considered a form of emotional abuse, depending on the intensity of the shaming applied or the type of objects/ideas used in the shaming. 

By targeting the emotions of the users, companies increase their chances … Read More

Dark Patterns: or how UX exploits the user | Introduction

Credit: Tobias van Schneider for Unsplash


This is the first post in a series that will tackle the issue of Dark Patterns, and how they influence us as customers and consumers. Stay tuned for future additions to this series if you want to learn more about this subject.


Great design should be based both on creating the best experience for users, and meeting business objectives. Bad design usually tackles only one of these perspectives. Finding the extremely narrow line of equilibrium between merging user and business objectives can bring great challenges toward (UI/UX) designers. This is … Read More

Best pitch award goes to FieldVibe at Demo Nights Oradea

We are very proud of our Marketing Manager at FieldVibe, Laurențiu Culda for winning the best pitch award at the Demo Nights event hosted by How to Web and Oradea Tech Hub here in Oradea. “Lau” held a presentation about Mobiversal’s newest project: FieldVibe, modern dispatching, and scheduling solution that helps you efficiently manage your field teams, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. 

We’ve asked Lau a couple of questions about the event and what are his thoughts after presenting FieldVibe to the audience. But first, some general info we think you should know about Demo Nights. 

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Introducing Vibendo: SOCIAL MEETS MUSIC

Recently we put the final touches on Vibendo, the first app we built in the music space. Our client already had a web app for the music platform, and our job was to develop a mobile app for Android users. Vibendo was largely promoted by various Balkan artists when it was officially launched and it rapidly skyrocketed in Google Play to over 10k downloads.

About Vibendo: engaging with artists and labels 

Vibendo is an application that targets music aficionados from all over the world. The main purpose of Vibendo is to make the perfect combination between the social and music … Read More

5 reasons why we organize outdoor team buildings at Mobiversal

It’s already summer time and our team at Mobiversal headed this past weekend to Cluj County, into the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and blue skies. An outdoor team building is a great way for any company to build strong bonds between team members.

For us as a company, it became a habit to have a team building when the summer kicks in and we actually see this activity as a business investment. Here are just a few reasons why we think team buildings are beneficial for our employees and for us as a company.

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Angajăm QA Tester pentru produsul Appointfix

Fondată în 2011, Mobiversal este formată dintr-o echipă de oameni talentați cu abilități de business, tehnice, design și marketing. Pasiunea noastră este să construim aplicații mobile care să îmbunătățească viața oamenilor. Pe lângă aplicațiile dezvoltate pentru clienți, am lansat și produse proprii care sunt vândute pe piața globală.

Căutăm acum un QA Tester pentru Appointfix. Este o oportunitate de a deveni parte dintr-o echipă/produs care ajută zeci de mii de prestatori de servicii/mici afaceri să își țină cu ușurință evidența programărilor cu clienții și să reducă numărul celor ce uită de programare.

Ce vei face:

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Android team meetup: implementing the modular architecture

Last Friday, just before taking a well deserved weekend, our Android team got reunited for a very important meeting, discussing key issues on architecture and process development.

The key discussion was centered around the architecture used by our Android developers which apparently was not the most suitable in developing our projects. In comparison, for the most recent project that we’ve worked on, FieldVibe, which will soon be launched, our developers tried to modularize the project. What do we mean by this?

First, every feature should have his own separate module. The modular architecture was used in … Read More

Yesterday was Hackathon Day at Mobiversal!

It’s that time of the year again! Here at Mobiversal we had an amazing day dedicated to a full 12 hours Hackathon! The project that our developers worked on was all about implementing Augmented Reality in a mobile app that provides virtual tours inside our company. Yes, it’s true. A virtual map of our company! The purpose of the app was to come as extra help for our newest (and oldest) colleagues so that they familiarize faster with our building and open spaces.

This is not the first time Mobiversal organised a Hackathon. We’ve done this in the past few … Read More

Mobiversal Team at HackTM Oradea National IT Contest: “We Want More!”

A team from our company participated this past weekend at HackTM, a national IT contest held for the first time in Oradea. Mobiversal was also one of the sponsors of the engaging IT event. Our company develops mobile apps, among which Appointfix – an app helping small business owners and independent professionals successfully manage their appointments and send automated message reminders to their clients.

Getting back to HackTM, the name of the event might seem a bit confusing to some of you. So let’s see what do we mean by “hackathon”. What is it actually?

A “hackathon” is a Read More